Latte K-Cups Are Coming

by crystal on March 24, 2016
As a rule, all mornings must start with coffee. But sometimes, you (at least I) want something a bit more exciting than regular coffee. And, unless you have a fancy-ass espresso machine or a wish-granting genie, satisfying that early-morning craving usually means walking to your nearest coffee shop before getting your caffeine fix. But not anymore. On Wednesday, Starbucks announced it’ll soon be launching latte K-Cups, meaning you can get your specialty coffee fix without even having to put on pants. The K-Cups, according to Cosmopolitan, will be available at major grocery stores and go for $10 (for a box of 10) or $13 for a box of 16. And it gets better. In keeping with tradition, the company will release Pumpkin Spice Latte K-Cups in the fall and Peppermint Mocha K-Cups in the winter because basic b*tches deserve to be happy too, know what I’m sayin ... read more

Why You Should Make Your Own Coffee

by crystal on March 24, 2016

Coffee, sweet coffee. A cup (or three) is what helps us get out of bed in the morning and fuels our busy days. On average, we drink around nine cups of coffee each per week and if you’ve ever gone a day without one, you will have realised that we simply can’t live without it.

“Australia has a rich tradition of coffee which stems back to the early Greek and Italian immigrants who brought in the first espresso machines in the middle of last century,” principal of the Barista Basics Coffee Academy David Gee told The Huffington Post Australia.

“Australia is regarded as a nation where great coffee is readily obtainable,” Gee said. “Daily coffee, for many, is also a personal reward or luxury. It also provides a good excuse to catch up with friends and socialise.”

But over time, that $3 spent here and there buying coffee ...

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What to love about my Breville Espresso Machine

by crystal on March 14, 2016

I've now lived with my new machine for almost 3 weeks and I have not one regret about this purchase.

Here's what's to love about the Breville "Dual Boiler" BES900XL

  • Most important of all, it turns out the most amazing crema-rich espresso shots I could only imagine getting by being back behind the espresso bar in my old barista days working with a commercial machine, and it turns them out without fail every time
  • As its branding name suggests, it is a "double boiler" machine. This means it has a tank for storing and heating the water that will be used for making the espresso, and another that will be used for steaming the milk. This is important because the water temperature for making steam for foaming the milk has to be near boiling point, which is way too hot for making espresso. Most domestic-grade espresso makers ...
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Bringing out the Best Cookware

by crystal on April 12, 2013

My brother's girlfriend and her family are coming over to visit us tonight. It is her parent's first visit to our home and my mother wanted to make a good impression. My mother will be making dinner for everyone and of course, she had instructed that only our best cookware is allowed in the dining room. There will be 10 adults and 5 children to be fed and I can imagine that there will be lots of cooking this evening.

My sister and I are in charge of appetizers, drinks and desserts. While our mother is taking care of all the main courses. She is planning on making an eight-course dinner, not counting our appetizers and desserts.

We told her that there is too much food but my mother was adamant. She said it is better to prepare a little more food and have leftovers than to have ...

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Best Espresso Machine - Coffee Addict

by crystal on April 18, 2012

Hey there, there is hearsay that you are a coffee addict. No, I am not going to incriminate you of being unhealthy; I am actually one myself! The tantalizing aroma, the wonderful taste; how can you ever resist coffee? You know what? Let me give you a suggestion. I have actually been thinking about this for quite some time.

Since WE both LOVE coffee so much; how about we both fork out some cash and get ourselves the best espresso machine ever! Imagine that, itching for some coffee? A handful of coffee bean, some milk, a little bit of sugar (I personally prefer two cubes by the way), a click of a button and viola; instant espresso!

Single shot or double shot, no problem! This is like a coffee addict's dream come true mate. So what do you think? Like it, hate it? Well, I certainly love it so ...

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My Husband Loves Good Coffee

by crystal on April 18, 2012

My husband loves good coffee. Correction, make that "addicted to good coffee"! He simply couldn't resist the smell and taste of it. And if you ask him, he will happily launch into a detail explanation about the types of coffee and how they should be brewed.

And so, that is why we got him the Delonghi espresso machine as a Father's Day's gift in advance. You should see the transformation in him in the mornings. Usually, when he wakes up in the morning to wash and prepare himself for work, he has this daze look as if he is still not awake yet.

But nowadays he jumps out of bed immediately when he smells coffee brewing in the morning. He gets ready very quickly in order for him to have enough time to sit down and enjoy a lovely cup of coffee before battling the traffic to ...

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